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Vent-Axia Launches Knowledge Hub App

Industry-leading ventilation company, Vent-Axia has launched a new app that provides comprehensive product information at the touch of a button.

The innovative Knowledge Hub app promises to both improve customer service and reduce Vent-Axia’s environmental impact. Offering easy and quick access to: Vent-Axia’s product brochures; datasheets; technical manuals; Building Regulations; downloadable leaflets on condensation, mould, and indoor air quality; as well as ventilation guides; the Knowledge Hub will ensure useful information is located in one place. This will mean vital guidance, such as product price or installation instructions, will be available at customers’ fingertips, even when they are offline.

UK manufacturer, Vent-Axia, is leading the way in the ventilation sector with this new app while aligning with the electrical industry’s ambition to move to digital platforms. By providing customers with access to extensive product information via its Knowledge Hub, the company will reduce its environmental impact since it will result in less printed material being published.

“We are very excited to provide our customers with access to Knowledge Hub, enabling them to obtain all the information they need on our products quickly and easily. Users will find the app straightforward and accessible,” explains Jenny Smith, Head of Marketing at Vent-Axia. “Available wherever a customer is, whenever they need it, the Knowledge Hub means the correct information is always there at the touch of a button – with no need to carry around brochures, catalogues or instruction manuals.”

Knowledge Hub offers users the most up-to-the minute product information thanks to quick and immediate updates each time users log on. This means unlike printed material, such as brochures, the Knowledge Hub will not go out of date. Once the app is downloaded to a smart phone or tablet, on either iOS or Android platforms, there is a menu where users can choose from three categories: brochure, datasheet or manual.

Providing a comprehensive search tool, users searching for a particular product will find everything relating to it, with the information easily viewable in a choice of formats. Crucially, Knowledge Hub allows access to product information even when users are offline which is essential for installers who often have poor or non-existent internet access when on construction sites.

The Knowledge Hub can be accessed by all customers; from electricians, wholesalers, contractors and consultants through to landlords, social housing providers, housebuilders and tenants. This new app offers comprehensive product information and is already set to save customers time and so money. However, further functionality is set to follow with exciting subsequent phases of the Knowledge Hub app already in the pipeline, which will allow customers a tailored experience.

To download the android app, please visit HERE

To download the iOS app, please visit HERE

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