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Varilight adds architrave switches to its decorative Classic Collection

variVarilight has launched architrave switches in three of its most popular decorative finishes.

Varilight’s new architrave switches are offered in Matt Chrome, Victorian Brass and Mirror Chrome to coordinate with the Classic Collection of raised profile switches, dimmers and sockets.

A choice of 2-way rocker switches or 2-way toggle switches are available on a new 32mm wide narrow faceplate to enable the switches to be located in tight spaces, for example alongside a door frame.

The product codes to use when ordering decorative architrave switches from Varilight are XSA1D or XSAT1 for the Matt Chrome rocker and toggle switches respectively, XCA1D or XCAT1 for the same options in Mirror Chrome and XVA1D and XVAT1 in Victorian Brass.

Data sheets for the new switches and the entire Varilight Collection are available on the Varilight website by clicking on the Data Sheets link and entering a product code in the search box.

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