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Electrical Test Meters

A range of electrical test meters suitable for everyone – from the DIY’er up to the professional electrician – using clever technology to make the devices quick and simple to use.

Philex, the market leader in signal distribution equipment, has announced the launch of a range of Electrical Testing equipment under its Labgear brand. Using its already strong reputation for high quality technical equipment, this shift marks a new direction for Labgear. The initial Electrical Test Meter range consists of four products covering most everyday tasks.

PI00497 – Smart Digital Multimeter

The Labgear digital multimeter is quick and simple to use, featuring just one button for all testing functions of AC/DC voltage up to 500V AC/DC. Auto selecting the testing range, it measures resistance, continuity and voltage. The Labgear Digital Multimeter has been through extensive site testing by professionals boasting a 4000 count LCD display, and also meets and exceeds industry standards IEC610011 & CATIII 500V.

PI00496 – Dual Voltage & Continuity Electrical Tester

Testing AC/DC voltage to 690V, this voltage detector auto selects the measurement type and range making it quick and simple to use, with Phase Rotation, Continuity Test and Single Pole Phase Testing. The UK specific GS38 slender probe tips have been designed to allow access to recessed terminals such as RCBOs without unscrewing any caps. In addition, the handy retractable tip covers can’t be lost ensuring compliance at all times.

PI00494 – Non-Contact Voltage Detector

This Non-contact voltage tester has been designed specifically for the UK market signalling the detection of voltage with a dual alert (visual and audible). The pocket sized meter also has a built in LED torch making it ideal for low level lighting in lofts and crawl spaces where electrical appliances are often located.

PI00595 – UK Socket Tester

Simply plug in the Labgear Socket tester and with a simple glance you can check if a UK electrical socket has its Live, Neutral and Earth wired correctly. Detecting and indicating 13 common faults through the simple three LED display panel means it’s so simple anyone can use it. The clever circuitry has been tested to reduce the tripping of the mains RCD.


Complete testing in one easy to use kit, the Labgear Digital Multimeter also features True RMS and Continuity Check with audible sound and visual indication

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