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Scolmore Group makeover for new restaurant and bar

Clarry’s, a new restaurant and bar in Sittingbourne, Kent, features a range of emergency lighting, security, wiring accessories and smart control solutions from Scolmore and ESP.

Products from Scolmore and ESP are providing the emergency lighting, security, wiring accessories and smart control solutions at a new, 54-seat restaurant and bar which has recently opened its doors in Sittingbourne, Kent.

ESP has the security covered with its HDView 1080p CCTV system, which allows the owners to keep a remote eye on their premises with the tailor-made HDView app. The company’s MagFire conventional fire alarm system has also been installed, along with products from the Duceri emergency lighting range.

Wiring accessories from Scolmore’s Mode range were chosen for their stylish and contemporary smooth profile and flexibility, while the Click Flow connectors were used for simple connectivity and control of the lighting circuit.

Scolmore’s Click Smart Box and App is providing the owners with the ability to control the lighting and create different moods and scenes in the restaurant depending on the time of day, via the Click Smart App which the owner has downloaded onto his IPad.

Comprising three basic components, Click Smart Box, RF Receivers and a Smart Phone, the system is a high end, professional one which is very competitively priced and has been designed with installers in mind. It can add functionality to already installed Click Smart receivers, or it can be installed from scratch on a brand new build and it enables automation via phone for the whole family or team.

Darren Lingham from Innovative Engineering Solutions in Gillingham was responsible for the installation of the Scolmore and ESP products and commented: “I have used ESP and Scolmore products for a number of years across a range of projects and have always been impressed with the quality.

“I hadn’t installed a Click Smart system before and was really impressed with how intuitive it was and the great results that can be achieved without taking up too much time or disruption.”

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