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Scolmore expands IEC Lock range

A total of seven new products have been added to Scolmore’s innovative and award-winning IEC Lock range, which build on the features of existing products to satisfy customer demand and complete the range offer.

IEC Lock is a unique mechanism for locking IEC Connectors and is designed to provide protection against accidental disconnection of computer equipment, servers and most network devices by way of a unique and patented locking mechanism.

Four new moulded angled IEC Lock models have been introduced as a direct result of numerous customer requests for a smaller, more versatile version of the existing C13 IEC Lock+ that can fit into tighter spaces. The new range comprises a left angled C13 IEC Lock+, right angled C13 IEC Lock+, up angled C13 IEC Lock+ and down angled C13 IEC Lock+.

Two new angled re-wireable C13 IEC Lock+ Connectors – a right angle connector and a down angle connector – have been added, and a new compact version of the C13 IEC Lock+ completes the new product line up. With a reduced overall size – width, height and length – this is aimed at installations with restricted space, and offers the original features of locking into compatible C14 sockets without the need for additional or bespoke hardware.

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