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Safer socket testing from Martindale

From the first ring main socket tester to today’s range of residential and industrial check plugs you can rely on Martindale to deliver fast and safe socket testing.

The CP501 Check Plug and BZ101Buzz-It are the UK’s favourite socket testers, designed for easy verification of wall socket wiring.

The Martindale CP501 classic Check Plug is a quick and easy way to ensure that 13A sockets are correctly wired. Featuring three bright long life LEDs, wiring faults are indicated by one of the LEDs failing to illuminate, with the pattern of lit LEDs indicating the type of fault detected. Any LED not lit indicates a fault which can be identified from the list of most common faults displayed on the front of the label. With an audible sounder to confirm that the wiring is correct, the BZ101 is ideal for checking sockets that are difficult to access.

With the audible indication, the BZ101 can also be used as a basic fuse finder. When the correct fuse is pulled, the buzzer stops.

Cased in robust blue ABS housing, the CP501 and BZ101 accurately indicate up to 28 faults, the most common of which can be interpreted from the quick key on the front of the tester with further details on the instruction card supplied with Martindale’s socket testers.

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