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Safe and economical planning of electrical systems

Wieland Electric’s podis 5G6 energy bus supports easy acceptance of electrical systems thanks to UL system approval.

Wherever systems need to be supplied with energy over long distances, energy bus systems shine. When projects are being designed, whether they are airports, warehouses, or distribution centres, the planning and, more importantly, the acceptability of the electrical systems can be a major challenge for project planners and designers.

If the components utilised have the necessary approvals, the effort involved can be considerably reduced. This is exactly what Wieland Electric’s podis 5G6 energy bus system gives, having recently gained UL system approval, adding to its existing TUV compliance. This means that exporting companies in particular, benefit from less testing and save time when it comes to getting their electrical systems approved. Wieland Electric now has a fully and coherently documented installation system, thanks to the UL 2875 certification of the podis 5G6 power bus systems, making it considerably easier to approve electrical installations on-site both in Europe and North America. The inspector gets internet access to all of the approval papers, not only cutting down on inspection time and labour, but it also eliminates the danger of rework or new installations.

In addition, project-specific calculations may be readily completed in the simulation software podis plan, then added to documents as wire diagrams and calculation tables. The project duration can be better planned and the risks associated with the project budget can be reduced. The UL1277 TC-ER approval also permits the flat cable to be installed without the use of expensive cable protection equipment, like tubes or sheaths, saving both material and time during installation.

Wieland Electric’s podis energy bus system provides an intelligent installation solution that benefits from the coordinated interplay of connection modules with penetration contacts and the associated flat cable. Because taps can be set at any time and in any position, the electrical installation can be easily, flexibly, and quickly adapted to changing requirements. The podis system has a wide range of applications, from intralogistics and conveyor technology to mechanical and plant engineering and production lines in the food and automotive industries.


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