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Consort Claudgen launches Consort Connect app

Consort Claudgen has launched the Consort Connect app, which allows users to have complete control over their heating remotely via their smartphone or tablet.

The app is free and downloadable from Google Play or Apple Store. It can control Consort’s Wi-Fi enabled heaters and SL heaters connected to an SLPBWIFI wireless controller. It gives quick access to four operating modes and provides a 7-day timer with twenty-four heating periods per day.

It is easy to set up and users can conÿ gure the settings of all connected heaters on the app. Users can also view the energy consumption statistics. Other features include a lock function, open window tracking and response capability, and custom automations.

There is a self-learning control ability utilising occupancy and temperature sensors, however, this is only available on the SLPBWIFI controller and Consort heaters with Wi-Fi and occupancy sensor.


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