Redring’s MS6 provides water heating solution for charity

The Redring MS6 compact electric stored water heater has proved itself as a vital solution for Jamia Islamia Trust, providing the charity with an alternative to centralised water heating.

The innovative Redring MS6 stored water heater has been installed in flats owned by the Jamia Islamia Trust’s letting agency, providing an electric powered water supply to all tenants within the building and removing the possibility of unpaid gas bills with all appliances now running from an electricity meter.

Located in Coventry, Jamia Islamia Trust is an international volunteer led organisation that houses people in times of need. Within the letting agency there are seven flats, which are available to the public, the profits from which go towards funding the trust. One MS6 unit has also been installed in a kitchen at the trust.

Aqib Rehman, Site Manager at the Jamia Islamia Trust, said: “We were faced with the problem of our tenants using both a gas and electricity supply. As a charity run organisation, it became challenging for us to process payments. By using the MS6 we can now run everything via the electricity supply, which made the whole process more streamlined.

Easy to install

“Now that we can deliver electrically powered hot water, the Redring MS6 compact stored water heater solved all of our problems and we have been really impressed with the product. We loved the ease of installation, having already had all of the wiring in place, the fitting of our stored water heaters was quick and easy. Also, from our tenants’ perspective the MS6 has proved a big success, they are now benefiting from the quick reliable performance of our new stored water heaters, as previous units were not delivering the required level of hot water or flow rates.”

The MS6’s compact 6-litre design means that it is ideal for supplying a single basin in domestic bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms, where under sink space is at a premium. The unit’s neat design does not affect performance, with the MS6’s Incoloy heating element and whirlflow water flow enabling fast heating and a controllable operating water temperature of up to 75 degrees Celsius.

Aqib added: “Bringing in the Redring MS6 compact stored water heater has brought value to our properties and also keeps our tenants happy at the same time. We will continue to use Redring products in the future.”

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The MS6’s compact design makes it ideal for supplying a single basin in domestic bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms, where under sink space is tight.