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Next generation technology comes to Carl Kammerling International

Carl Kammerling International has launched its C.K MightyRod PRO cable rods range, featuring advanced technology for the ultimate in performance.

Featuring SplinterSHIELD – a European first – the durable, 100% splinterproof coating encases the inner fibreglass rod to prevent splintering.

Available in a 7mm rigid rod for overhead use, a 6mm flexible rod for most everyday applications, and a 4mm super-flexible rod, there is also a mini-coiled spring steel Flexi Lead that aids navigation through obstacles and around bends.

A splinterproof MightyRod PRO GLO rod has also been developed. It not only illuminates lowlight conditions, it also enables professionals to work without fear of painful splinters. Completing the range is the super-flexible 1m SPIRA-FLEX rod – perfect for accessing tight corners, bends or obstacles.

Manufactured from polyethylene terephthalate with a helical profile, the SPIRA-FLEX rod reduces friction as it rides across surfaces, making pulling and pushing a run of rods far easier, particularly in conduits or trunking where there is cabling already in situ.

The new range comes with a series of accessories. Offering unsurpassed levels of strength, the triple-fixed Mighty-Fix connectors undergo a unique triple fixing system, resulting in a far more secure connector to rod bond to prevent disconnection during heavy load jobs.

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