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Next generation of KNX ‘Wellness’ sensors from B.E.G.

B.E.G. has launched a Seventh-Generation range of encrypted KNX occupancy sensors, which incorporates innovative ‘wellness’ Human Centric Lighting technology for the first time.

The German manufacturer has updated the multi-sensor series to include HCL and create lighting by mimicking the natural daylight outside based on time, presence, and circadian rhythm of the occupants in the room. The technology ensures a sense of well-being in the room via colour-matched ambient lighting that can be operated by end users via a smartphone using the B.E.G. One App.

The sensors help to increase concentration and well-being by reducing vapours and odours volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with a LED traffic light system sending a warning signal when a critical value has been reached. Measured values are sent to the bus and can be used for ventilation control as well.

B.E.G. has also incorporated HCL into the new KNX Generation Seven range as it reduces energy consumption making it a greener and more environmentally friendly lighting control solution for end users. The manufacturer also says the new series makes building automation ‘easier than ever’ for electrical contractors to install and end users to operate.

Generation Seven includes optimum room climate thanks to an integrated temperature sensor which means the temperature in each individual room can be controlled, while an offset control enables different brightness levels to be selected.

B.E.G. has introduced a DALI/KNX gateway to the range, in line with the new KNX generation, so that motion and occupancy sensors as well as push buttons can be incorporated into the DALI bus, in addition to luminaires. This will make installations ‘quicker and simpler’ for electrical contractors and more cost effective for end users.

All KNX Generation Seven sensors feature KNX Secure which extends the IP protocol, so all transferred telegrams and data are totally encrypted. KNX Data Secure has been designed to protect user data against unauthorised access and manipulation by means of encryption and authentication.
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