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Knightsbridge reaches new highs with LED industrial lighting

The new Potentia LED high bay range from Knightsbridge provides an ideal solution for industrial applications requiring versatility, flexibility, durability, control and performance.

The high bays, which come in two sizes, feature a selectable CCT switch, allowing users to adjust the colour temperature between 4000K and 5000K according to preference; and offer wattages of either 100W, 120W and 150W or 150W, 180W and 200W depending on model.

Potentia are rated to IK08, making them resilient in the face of impacts, and also IP65, ensuring resistance against dust and water ingress.

Built-in 0-10V dimming capability comes as standard, while the high bays are supplied with polycarbonate diffusers, ensuring even light distribution that makes them ideal for environments where cleanliness and hygiene are of importance.

A programmable microwave sensor is available which enables the user to set various parameters such as brightness, sensitivity, hold time, standby time and standby dimming.

When used with an addressable Digital Addressable Lightning Interface (DALI) control system, the DALI module allows the installer to assign an address and a control group to the fixture. This address and control group allows for grouping of fixtures into zones. / 01582 887760

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