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Light Efficient Design UK puts standard corn lamps in the shade

Light Efficient Design UK Limited puts traditional LED corn lamps in the shade with its superior design for retrofitting into low bay, floodlights, and high bay fittings. The unique lamp shape delivers up to THREE times the illuminance compared to a standard corn lamp.

The 4000k and 5000k LED-8089 80W and 8090 120W retrofit models deliver maximum light output when replacing 250 to 400W HIDs in low bays, high bays and floodlights. The one-sided LED design ensures clean, bright light (>80 CRI) where it’s needed, while saving up to 70% in energy costs and emissions.

“Don’t make do with ‘one size fits all’ LED corn lamps when there are far more efficient and cost-effective options available from us,” said Michael Morrison, Light Efficient Design UK. “Not all LED lamps are equal in terms of price, life, performance and thermal management. More than 60% light loss can be experienced from the existing fitting housings when fitted with standard corn lamps, which risks throwing both LED lumens and therefore money away.”

Light Efficient Design retrofit lamps come with active cooling, thermal feedback and a 5-year warranty. They can be used in enclosed fittings and are CE/ROHS compliant. LM79 LM80 data is available.

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