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Heat MatPV – an award-winning new underfloor heating mat

heatmatHeat MatPV is a heating mat designed to maximise the benefits of photovoltaic panels (PV) and micro-generated energy.

This new electric underfloor system uses free electricity produced from PV or renewable sources. The system converts the energy into heat for floor warming or for use as a primary heating source in single or multiple rooms.

Heat MatPV can be installed as a direct acting system or (ideally) within a screed; charging up the screed with electricity generated during the day when the most sun is absorbed and emitting heat into the evening.

The mat has dual-circuits enabling the system to be run at low or high output. Based on electricity generated from a 3kW PV system running at full efficiency the Heat MatPV system, if run at 75W/m2, can heat up to a 45 sq m floor area using the electricity from the PV system.

If the temperature drops the system can be switched to dual-circuit and achieve 150W/m2 output, ensuring that in cold conditions the system can still rapidly heat a room.

When electricity cannot be generated from renewables the system can automatically use mains electricity combined with any microgenerated PV power to heat the property.

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