EW July – World Environment Day

It was ‘World Environment Day’ last month, and as much as I think these so-called ‘days’ are a social media marketing exercise rather than a way of executing real change, there’s no doubt that they can play a role in facilitating important conversations. Change begins with ideas, and in today’s media landscape, many of the conversations that birth these ideas now take place online, rather than in the ‘real world’.

For this month’s issue, I asked Neil Brown, senior offering manager at leading building technologies provider Honeywell, for his insights into the future of Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS), and how they can integrate with smart lighting systems to open opportunities for flexible, comprehensive lighting control. Read more on page 26.

On page 24, meanwhile, Scolmore’s Jake Green examines some of the factors to be considered when installing electrical equipment outdoors – water, humidity and rodents, to name just a few.

The IBA is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, and what better way than creating and starring in their own film? ‘The IBA at 30:  Belonging’ premiered on 20 May at the IBA’s glittering anniversary dinner. Turn to page 20 to read all about it.

Plus, as always, our usual news, views, products and installations from market-leading businesses across the sector, including an update on the EIC’s new managing director (page 27) and a great opinion piece from Timeguard’s Andy Douglas on the continued importance of the wholesaler channel (page 22).


Bryony Andrews , Editor      





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