CP has lighting under control at LSE

CP Electronics has supplied controls to the Centre Building, a new state of the art, flexible and highly sustainable academic and teaching building in the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) complex.


The brief was to provide accurate and easy adjustment of light levels, something vital for today’s places of learning, particularly the lecture areas which have to cater for both traditional teaching and technical presentations.


LSE has created this new landmark building and Public Square at the heart of its campus on Houghton Street which will become a world-class home for the political sciences. The design has been zoned vertically, with the most public and highly-serviced facilities located on the lower levels which helps to animate the newly-created LSE Square and Houghton Street. The more private academic departments,- to which access is controlled, are located on the upper levels. The Centre Building also houses meeting rooms, a 200 seater flat auditorium which can be used for both lectures and events, and an LSE style lecture theatre that allows traditional style teaching as well as collaborative group work and a ground floor café.


To control the lighting in the buildings’ multiple use spaces, from lecture theatres to individual offices, CP provided the company’s RAPID System with a control strategy that includes daylight linking, presence detection and timers. CP’s RAPID System was specified for the project to control all of the lighting throughout the building, including a hardwired 3 x network area controller with Ethernet, 64 address hardwired DALI gateway modules, scene modules, a DALI network ceiling PIR and a RAPID computer graphics package. The DALI gateways and Area Controllers were built into panels offsite, to allow for future expansion when required.


The Centre Building offers purpose built spaces and facilities that will support and inspire the people who work within in it and their ideas to transform the world through social-science research and education. CP products are already in use across multiple buildings around the LSE campus, with products that meet the requirements of flexibility and ease of use.


For more information, please email enquiry@cpelectronics.co.uk


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