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Cable specific cleat seals deal for Ellis

Ellis has gone the extra mile by developing a cable specific cleat in order to seal a major UK Power Networks (UKPN) specification.

The leading cable cleat manufacturer was called when it became clear that cable being laid in a vital section of the new London Power Tunnels network couldn’t be restrained using a standard cable cleat.

Ellis MD, Richard Shaw, said: “Cable cleats are designed to operate across a range of cable diameters, but in this case the size of cable being used straddled two standard cleat sizes, and because of cable manufacturing tolerances there was a risk that no matter which cleat was chosen, it could prove unsuitable.”

As a result, Ellis developed a new size of cleat, which ensured the cable fell directly in the middle of the cleat’s cable range and so negated any potential problems caused by manufacturing tolerance.

“The difference in terms of size between the new product and our standard solutions isn’t large, but when it comes to safety and the integrity of the system it’s vital,” continued Richard.

“Using standard products the customer ran the very real risk of the cleats being too small, in which case the cable wouldn’t fit, or too large, in which case the cable wouldn’t be kept in a proper trefoil formation and so would not be restrained in the axial direction. And even if the cleat was fit for purpose when the first deliveries of cable arrived on site, it would be possible for further deliveries of cable to have a greater or smaller diameter, still within the manufacturer’s tolerance, and render the cleat unfit for purpose.”

Ellis’ new cleats, which have been added to its Emperor range, are being installed throughout the 32km network of power tunnels being built under London to carry high voltage (HV) cables that will increase the power supply capacity across the capital.