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AWEBB back together

The success of the recent AGM for AWEBB members, which took place at the Landmark Hotel in London, provided a great platform from which to launch the AWEBB LEAD Learning and Development Strategy. Here, Barry Hall, AWEBB learning and development manager, explains further.

AWEBB is known as a purchasing group that brings huge commercial advantage to its members, and it goes without saying that the growth of our group has been nothing less than spectacular. As our ‘Back Together’ event demonstrated, the electrical wholesaling industry is still, I’m glad to say, a people business! It was therefore fantastic to be able to share the vision for our People Strategy with our membership.

Being commercially competitive in our marketplace is vital to the success of our businesses. This must translate into enhancing the customer experience in the most effective way possible. However, our success depends on the outstanding performance and quality of our people and the positive impact they have with both customers and suppliers. This new initiative to develop our people and strengthen our members engagement ensures that we create a career pathway unique to our membership. People development must be a central focus if we are to meet the challenges ahead, from our traditional competitors right through to the growth of online. The world is becoming more interconnected, and digital transformation will continue to race ahead. But whatever happens, people will continue to play a vital role in how our members’ businesses grow.


People aren’t run by a set of algorithms or, indeed, passive when it comes to finding new business or exploring opportunities. They respond to the customer ‘in the moment’, by
having the relationship and intellect to be able to make decisions with the most fundamental asset in the whole of the training armoury – empathy. Being able to see things from the customers’ – and suppliers’ – point of view gives us the power to change the game, to respond to new trends, to continue to innovate and carve out our very own unique Customer Service Proposition. The AWEBB LEAD Academy provides the tools, skills and knowledge to grow our teams so that we are fit for the future. From new starters in the industry through to senior management, our LEAD Academy provides a clear, structured, and focused learning journey that truly recognises the huge contribution that our people make to our collective business success.

The benefits of this approach are huge – increased motivation and job satisfaction, recognition and retention of key achievers, reduced staff turnover, enhanced company image and the ability to strategically develop a succession plan that ensures the future growth of AWEBB and its members. At the event, our members and suppliers were able to share in our exciting plans, and the feedback I received recognised the innovative approach that we, as the premier UK purchasing consortium, are doing to add value for our members and their teams. All of which contribute to achieving sustained performance through teamwork, knowledge and strength!




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