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Aico announces signatory status of the Climate Pledge

Aico is proud to announce its commitment to the Climate Pledge, as part of its drive towards sustainable business practices and achieving net-zero carbon.

The Climate Pledge was founded by Amazon and Global Optimism and brings together a cross-sector community of companies and organisations to tackle the climate crisis and become net-zero carbon across their businesses by the year 2040.


By becoming a signatory of the Climate Pledge, Aico, a European market leader in home life safety, commits to three principal areas of
action: regular reporting, carbon elimination and credible offsets. Aico will regularly measure and report its greenhouse gas emissions, implement decarbonization strategies throughout its business practices and neutralise remaining emissions to achieve net-zero ahead of the Paris Agreement.

This announcement aligns with further efforts and commitments made by Aico in the drive towards climate action; its dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility programme has a core focus on environmental impact. Through this, Aico works alongside local and national organisations to promote awareness of the urgent need for climate action, solve the challenges of decarbonisation and share practical solutions in order to deliver a more sustainable future. Lee Duffy, operations | learning and development manager, commented: “We are in the middle of a climate crisis, if we do not take action now, we may do catastrophic damage to our planet. Sustainability is within our core values, and we are passionate about making long term change. By collaborating with other organisations through becoming a signatory of the Climate Pledge, we can begin to learn how to make a difference and support others on their journey. Firstly to awareness, then to action, and finally to solutions.”

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