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Ansell adds Coastal to floodlighting range

Ansell Lighting has added a marine grade finish product to its popular floodlight range, Aztec.

Aztec Coastal has been designed to ensure resistance from corrosion, rust and colour fade from salty air and harsh weather conditions and is recommended for applications situated within 50 miles of the coast.

The new product underwent a concentrated saline 3000 hour salt spray test, and with an IP66 rating it can withstand severe weather conditions and is protected against ingression and damage from sea salt. Created in Ansell’s Warrington-based design and innovation centre, the Aztec LED floodlighting range offers a variety of options, sophisticated aesthetics, durability, high output performance and sustainability. The range – including Aztec Coastal – is available in Symmetric and Asymmetric distributions and in a wide range of wattages (50Watt, 100Watt, 150Watt, 200Watt and 300Watt) and the grey powdercoasted die-cast aluminium housing provides the Aztec with a discreet understated aesthetic.

The Aztec Coastal Symmetric floodlight provides an evenly distributed beam distribution pattern, typically around 120° x 120°, making it ideal for shipping ports, outdoor storage and container facilities, while the Aztec Coastal Asymmetric floodlight has a beam distribution pattern of 120° x 60°, so is perfect for car ferry and passenger terminals, car parks, docks and harbours, promenades, piers, sports pitches and tennis courts. The Aztec Coastal also serves an impressive 150 LPW efficacy, ensuring lower energy consumption with the same high levels of output to reduce energy costs. The 300W variation delivers 44,000 lumens and the LED lifespan of L80 B10 54,000 hours ensures minimal lumen depreciation over the lifetime of the luminaire.

The product comes with 1.5m of pre-wired cable and a movable, angled bracket to make installation quick and simple, and also carries Ansell’s five year guarantee.

Mark Abbott, managing director at Ansell Lighting, said: “Our Aztec floodlighting range is very popular and was already suited to a broad range of applications. This Coastal product really completes the offering ensuring there is a product available for even the most extreme environments. The extensive testing it has undergone should reassure customers that they are buying a robust and reliable product for challenging applications.”

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