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Aico launches groundbreaking SmartLINK Gateway technology

Aico has launched the SmartLINK Gateway , the Ei1000G. This is a first in asset management and compliance, providing full visibility and remote whole system monitoring of Aico Fire and Carbon Monoxide alarm systems.

The Ei1000G SmartLINK Gateway utilises Aico’s next generation of wireless technology to enable real-time notifications via an online, cloud based SmartLINK portal system. Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) have greatly influenced the development of the Aico SmartLINK Gateway; Aico designed this alarm management system to assure tenant safety at any time. As the pinnacle of Aico’s technology , this provides an innovative solution for RSLs to have real-time data insight into the status of alarm systems across their entire housing stock, to safeguard tenants and aid with compliance.

Aico have always been at the forefront of Radio Frequency (RF) technology and are now leading the way in revolutionising this technology with real-time data monitoring. By using in-built GSM data connection and RF interconnection to interface with Aico alarms and accessories, easy installation and reliable connection is assured, meaning full visibility of connected SmartLINK systems. Events are reported directly as they happen via the online portal, which gives accessible intelligence that can be actioned, reported on and documented.

The Ei1000G SmartLINK Gateway aims to improve efficiency, reduce costs, aid with forecasting and compliance and enable smart asset management. This groundbreaking technology gives a proactive approach to faultfinding, defining any trends in alarm activations and maintenance requirements while drastically minimising the issue of property access. The SmartLINK Gateway will revolutionise the way in which alarm systems are managed, paving the way to a solution-focused approach to asset management.

For more information about the SmartLINK Gateway , please visit or call 01691 664100.

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