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Vent-Axia donates MVHR Unit to pioneering eco couple

Leading ventilation manufacturer Vent-Axia has donated a Sentinel Kinetic Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) unit to Tom and Jane Howson who are living in the award-winning Hanham Hall eco development near Bristol.

The MVHR unit will allow Tom and Jane to re-start the innovative ventilation workshops that they have previously been running in their local eco community to teach their neighbours how to maintain the ventilation units in their homes to help ensure good indoor air quality (IAQ), avoid condensation and mould and more.

“We’ve shown many people over the years in the show home how to look after their MVHR. And now thanks to Vent-Axia’s generosity, we can continue sharing information on how to maintain and operate MVHR to improve indoor air quality… Having MVHR in our home has been a gamechanger for us. We’ve never had condensation and mould issues, not even in the bathroom.” “As we try to meet Net Zero targets in 2050, MHVR is now becoming mainstream in new build homes as it ticks all the right boxes when it comes to balancing energy efficiency with good indoor air quality. We now need to educate people that just like a boiler needs an annual gas safety check, MVHR units need to be cleaned and filters changed to maintain good indoor air quality in the home,” said Richard Paine, product and marketing director at Vent-Axia.

Barratt Homes chose Vent-Axia units for Hanham Hall as they were the best performing MVHR for Specific Fan Power and featured the most advanced technology in the marketplace. The latest energy efficient Lo-Carbon Sentinel Kinetic MVHR offers a whole building heat recovery system combining supply and extract ventilation in one unit. Warm, moist air is extracted from ‘wet’ rooms through ducting and passed through the heat exchanger before being exhausted outside and fresh incoming air is preheated via the integral heat exchanger. Boasting up to 93% heat recovery [in line with Product Characteristics Database (PCDB) data], a vital part of an MVHR system is its filters. Inside an MVHR unit, fresh incoming air passes through a filter to remove pollen, debris and products of pollution. The unit has two fully adjustable speeds and a purg setting and its energy saving Vent-Axia EC motors further improves efficiency and carbon reductions. Integral humidity sensors provide intelligent air quality control and a digital controller is mounted on the front of the units. A summer bypass provides passive cooling when conditions allow whilst a frost protection mode ensures maximum ventilation during the coldest periods.

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