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Vent-Axia Celebrates 7th year Supporting Noise Action Week

Vent-Axia is delighted to have supported this year’s Noise Action Week with the launch of its PureAir Sense bathroom fan. Leading the way in silent fan design, this is the seventh year that Vent-Axia has supported Noise Action Week, which is co-ordinated by Environmental Protection UK to tackle noise problems in our neighbourhoods. Offering a solution to noisy extract fans, Vent-Axia’s PureAir Sense is the UK’s first bathroom fan with odour sense technology and offers exceptionally quiet running, operating as low as 19dBA.

Designed to improve the air households breathe, the Vent-Axia PureAir Sense is equipped with a pioneering odour sensor that increases airflow when the air is poor, helping ensure a comfortable living environment. When the sensor detects a strong odour, the fan speed increases and quickly extracts the odour to help ensure the air always feels fresh.

Leading the way in ventilation, the Vent-Axia PureAir Sense introduces an intelligent, fully automatic humidistat for moisture control. This means the fan learns to run only when it can make a difference to IAQ. Continually monitoring and recording the moisture content the PureAir Sense maps the humidity profile throughout the year. This process enables the fan to run only when it can lower the moisture content in the air, reducing nuisance running and helping ensure a healthy environment.

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