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Varilight V-Pro Smart dimmers

Varilight dimmers just got smarter with the introduction of the new V-Pro Smart multi-way rotary dimmer series with optional WiFi control via a simple-to-use app.

V-Pro Smart dimmers simply replace an existing switch or dimmer. No neutral wire is required, only a live and switched-live connection, just like a normal dimmer. There’s no need for an additional hub either because the dimmers communicate directly with the router, making V-Pro Smart a cost-effective solution.

V-Pro Smart WiFi LED dimmers offer remote control from a smartphone or tablet using the totally free Supla app. Integration with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa is also available.

Two-way or multi-way control is also available with the addition of one or more supplementary controllers.

The range also includes non-Wifi V-Pro Smart dimmers for applications where 2-way or multiway dimming is the priority and remote control is not required.

With Varilight’s industry-leading V-Pro LED dimming technology on board, users can be confident of wide compatibility while experiencing silent dimming and a suite of features for fine tuning the dimming performance of any dimmable LED lamps.

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