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USB charging with Crabtree’s new Metalclad socket

The robust shape and composition of Crabtree’s new Metalclad Dual USB socket-outlet makes it perfect to fit in a variety of applications, bringing a wider choice of USB socket outlets to the market.

Meeting all relevant product standards, this latest socket outlet from Crabtree is a 13A two gang switched socket with double pole switching – with two USB ports providing a total of 2.1 amps.

Michael Simms, Product Manager for wiring accessories at Electrium, comments: “We want to provide our customers with a solution for all their needs, and the Metalclad Dual USB Socket provides an extra option to an already wide range of wiring accessories. End users have different needs and the Metalclad USB socket outlet from Crabtree adds another option and opens up more doors when it comes to our customers’ next project.”

The socket’s durable finish, thanks to its Metalclad features, makes it resistant to premature ageing, discolouration and corrosion. Industrial sites will benefit from its tough exterior, allowing users to plug in devices safe in the knowledge that its surrounding environment won’t affect its performance.

Educational facilities would also benefit from the advantages provided by the tough finish of the socket.

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