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Smart dimming from Scolmore

The Click Smart Dimmer from Scolmore provides an ‘everything you need in one box’ solution to overcome the problems associated with flickering lights.

The solution to flickering rotary dimmers is to use a retractive switch instead of a rotary dimmer (wired). Everything required is contained in the box, including a dimming module, face plate and one retractive switch module. The components are compatible with traditional wiring and can be retrofitted to an existing circuit. Simply replace the rotary dimmer with the retractive switch supplied and add the dimming module to the light fitting. It dims up to 160W of dimmable LED and there is no need to ever worry about changing the dimmer if the LED light source is changed. It also allows for two-way dimming, which is not achievable with traditional rotary dimmers.

This boxed solution is part of Scolmore’s growing Click Smart range of intelligent wiring accessories, designed to make it quick and relatively cheap to adapt and update a property to provide extra security, energy saving, comfort and control.

Further products from the Click Smart range can be seen at, or contact Scolmore on 01827 63454:

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