Signify celebrates 1000 EnabLED memberships

An accelerated number of companies have become licensees for Signify’s EnabLED licensing program for LED luminaires and retrofit bulbs at the end of December 2018.

This follows the addition of 150 more innovations to its portfolio early in 2018. The company signed another 100 licensees since May 2018, showing an increasing demand for licenses for its lighting innovations and its commitment to developing the future of LED lighting with its licensees. At the end of 2018 the total number of licensees surpassed the 1000 milestone.

“Our EnabLED licensing program allows members to speed up their product development, reduce time to market, increase sourcing flexibility and become more cost effective,” says Frank Bistervels, Head of Intellectual Property at Signify. “10 years ago we started the program with 250 innovations to enable faster growth in the LED lighting market. Early 2018 we added 150 innovations to better meet the needs of our members and because we have continued to invest in developing improvements in LED lighting technologies that are useful in today’s and tomorrow’s products. These include inventions related to filament-based LED products, warm dimming incandescent emulation, omnidirectional lighting for LED lamps, LED glare reduction, asymmetric LED light output, uniform mixing of LED colors and connected LED lighting technology.”

“In the beginning the LED lighting market was mostly focused on colored lighting in the architectural and theatrical segment. But the general lighting market soon expanded to other segments, including consumer, industrial, retail, street lighting and retrofit bulbs. It is a pleasure to see that the EnabLED licensing program is recognized throughout the industry, with small, medium and large companies all benefitting from our innovations in various major application areas and niche markets,” Bistervels continues. “Looking forward we believe that some of the technologies we share will contribute to additional capabilities and intelligent LED lighting products such as tunable white, human centric lighting and innovations in connected lighting.”

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