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Scolmore’s Click Smart range just got smarter

Scolmore is further enhancing its home automation offer with the Click Smart Box, which allows the control of lighting and appliances from a smart phone or tablet, via the newly developed, accompanying Click Smart App. The Click Smart Box and App can be easily integrated into a new or existing Click Smart installation and just requires broadband connection.

Set-up couldn’t be more straightforward, with the App guide taking you seamlessly through the process, enabling you to customise a home automation system to suit a client’s particular requirements. Click Smart with Smart Box makes it easy, quick and relatively inexpensive to adapt and update a home to provide extra security, energy saving, comfort and control.

Installation of Click Smart is simple and flexible, with no additional cables or wall cutting needed. Receivers can be installed behind light fittings or into suitable installation boxes and can be utilised with existing wiring. Comprising Click Smart Box, RF Receivers and a Smart Phone, the system is very competitively priced and has been designed with installers in mind.

At the heart of the system is the relatively quick and cost-effective means it offers installers to upgrade an electrical installation to provide added security, energy saving, comfort and control.

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