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Scolmore expands USB-C socket outlet range

With USB-C becoming more popular and taking over from the original Type A charging port, Scolmore has expanded its USB-C product range.

Already offering a 13A 2 gang switched safety shutter socket outlet with integrated Type A and Type C USB ports, to complete the range the company has now added a new, 13A 1 gang switched safety shutter socket outlet, with Type A and C USB (4A shared).

The safety shutters contained within the 1 and 2 gang socket outlets with integrated Type A and Type C USB offer increased security and reassurance. All three pins of a UK BS Standard plug must be inserted to release the locking mechanism to allow the safety shutters to open.

At the same time, Scolmore has added new Type A and C New Media modules. The dual USB module 2A Type A and 3A Type C modules are available in black, grey and white.

The Click 1 and 2 gang Type A & C USB socket outlets are available in the following ranges – Deco, Deco+, Define, Definity Complete, Mode, Part M, Polar and Metal Clad.

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