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Save Light’s new Slim Line LED bulkheads are taking the market by storm

saveThis offering of bulkheads named ‘Convex Shallow’ comes in a range of sizes: 12W (diameter 250mm), 18W (diameter 300mm) and 25W (diameter 350mm) have a depth of just 40mm.

Available in standard, microwave sensor, emergency, and emergency and sensor (with built in photocell), all of which are housed integrally in the shallow body. The Convex- Shallow range is available in a variety of colour temperatures 3000K, 4000K & 6000K.

This surface mounted bulkhead boasts a high lumen output (e.g. 18W 1600LM), IP54 waterproof, and IK08 anti-vandal design, makes it an ideal replacement for 2D fluorescent fittings.

The quality TPA rated diffuser provides an even light output, which eliminates visible hot spots which are often associated with fluorescent lamps or poor quality LED arrays.

This true-retro-fit maintenance free bulkhead offers a life expectancy of over 40,000 hours, which is more than 9 years’ operating at 12 hours a day. This cost-effective TUV certified luminaire comes with 5 years warranty, which is ideal for corridors, bathroom, homes or offices.

The Convex-Shallow is now available from Electrical Wholesalers.

If you have any further questions contact Save Light Ltd on 01784 464 890 or email

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