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Rudimental kicks off ‘Living Light Sessions’ with help from Philips’ Hue lighting

 Philips Hue - together with Live Nation - can almost bring a band into your living room! - Philips Lighting & Live Nation

Philips Hue – together with Live Nation – can almost bring a band into your living room! – Philips Lighting & Live Nation

In another Internet of Things (IoT) related move, a new video series from Philips Hue’s connected lighting system, together with Live Nation, demonstrates how to transform peoples’ living rooms into interactive music venues. By James Hunt:

Royal Philips has collaborated with Live Nation Entertainment, said to be the world’s leading live entertainment company, to connect music fans everywhere through intimate emerging artist performances and interactive connected lighting using Philips’ innovative Hue system.

Hue has already been linked with a variety of other types and brand of product, such as Google’s Nest intelligent thermostats and alarms, intelligent fridges, with Luna’s smart bed (yes, truly!) and Apple’s Watch and HomeKit – but this music interaction is believed to be a new development.

It works like this…

Through a series of exclusive online web-series videos, called the ‘Living Light Sessions’, music lovers everywhere will be able to watch up-and-coming artists perform songs from living rooms fitted with the Philips Hue connected lighting system.

The inaugural Living Light Sessions performance, featuring British drum’n’bass band Rudimental, whose single ‘Lay It All On Me’ is currently charting globally, is now available online. Rudimental’s performance video for this song can be seen, along with interview and tutorial clips in which the band learns how to use Philips Hue.

Hue lamps can turn cerulean blue or sunset pink, and can dim or brighten wirelessly, and can even pulse along with speech rhythms – all at a smartphone or tablet command. So Hue allows homeowners to obtain full control over the light in their lives by setting the mood and changing the ambience using varying light output and colour. With tunable white light and a full spectrum of colour, all at the tap of a smartphone or tablet app, homeowners can set the ideal tone and enhance any moment – almost instantly.

And now Hue, when paired with more than 450 third-party apps already available, can deliver what Philips calls almost ‘limitless possibilities to create dynamic experiences in the home’. This is especially so when synced by apps to music – pre-recorded or performed live, soft and soothing or thunderingly loud and exciting – it matters not; Philips Hue with Live Nation will cope with it all.

Furthermore, it’s not just already well-known bands that can benefit (along with music lovers) but emerging artists too – who can now enhance their performances and get their messages across to living rooms everywhere.

Through Live Nation, five more artists will collaborate to create Philips Hue-inspired living room sets between now and April 2016, and new content will continue to be introduced, the organisations say.

Light beyond illumination

Commented Scott Martin, Chief Marketing Officer, Philips Lighting North America: “Our goal is to elevate light beyond illumination and we continue to see Philips Hue enthusiasts getting creative and using their imaginations to unlock new ways to use our connected lights.

“Music provides”, he said, “the perfect opportunity for people to create new immersive experiences every day in their homes.”

More about Philips Hue

The extensive Philips Hue connected ecosystem includes Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus, portable luminaires such as Philips Hue Go, dual-lighted fixtures such as Philips Hue Beyond, control devices such as Philips Hue tap, plus, of course, various lamps and luminaires.

However, it’s just been reported that because Philips’ Hue uses a ZigBee wireless bridge to control lamps, and it has been found that some un-tested third party lamps don’t work as well as Philips’ own lamps this way, the company has now released an update to its bridge software to block third-party lamps. Be warned!

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