Product safety appointment at Electrical Safety First

Responding to industry feedback, Electrical Safety First has launched a consultancy service designed to help improve product safety and recall processes. And the new service has just announced its first major appointment, with Geraldine Cosh joining as Business Development Manager.

Formerly a Product Assurance Consultant for Product Intelligence’s European Office, providing support to the team at Intertek, Geraldine is a seasoned safety professional. She has extensive experience in the areas of injury prevention and risk and project management, as well as developing design solutions for consumer products. In addition to working with a range of blue-chip, global consumer brands, she has also been involved with European safety promotion and injury prevention organisations.

“We are delighted that Geraldine has joined us, as she brings a range of skills and expertise ideally suited to the development of our new consultancy services,” explains Martyn Allen, Head of Electrical Safety First’s Electrotechnical Department.

“Our approach has always been that we can best protect the consumer by working with the industry and feedback from our popular product safety conferences confirmed a need for a portfolio of product safety services – including risk assessment, independent product testing, guidance on electrical product sourcing and due diligence, as well as product safety training,”adds Martyn. “Geraldine’s background and experience are a natural fit.”