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Ovia lights up new 4,500 sq m fruit packing and distribution facility

Family run mixed farming business AC Hulme & Sons, based near Canterbury in East Kent. As part of an ongoing campaign of expansion, AC Hulme & Sons has built an extensive new grading, packing and distribution complex which will this year handle around 12,500 tonnes of apples and pears. Ovia was specified as the exclusive lighting supplier for the new development, with the sales and lighting design teams working closely with Steve Collins, managing director at BMS Electrical Contractors. Ovia lights up new 4,500 sq m fruit packing and distribution facility This large and complex project required delivering the massive new building on time with minimal disruption to the grower. The development was built partly on the footprint of existing packing and distribution facilities that had to be operational until the very last moment. A variety of Ovia light fittings have been installed across the range of buildings, office space and external locations. Several PIR lighting controls as well as Scolmore’s Click Flow connectors were also specified to provide quick and easy solutions for specific areas. For the vast packhouse shed, Ovia’s Inceptor Hion LED Dimmable Highbay fittings with microwave sensor were installed. A white finish in the Hion was selected and fixed to the ceiling using the surface brackets, to provide the finished look required by the client. The non-corrosive U-Lite slimline linear LED fittings in a range of standard, emergency and microwave options were selected for areas including the packaging store, plant room, forklift charging room, traffic light area, pre grader store, grader room and dispatch area. For the main office areas the Inceptor Iona commercial LED downlight in both standard and emergency options were used for the corridor and stairwell locations. The Inceptor Slate LED recessed panels were chosen for the main office area, with their low UGR19 diffusers making them suitable for working environments. Inceptor EVO Bulkheads in standard and emergency options were selected for the external façade by the entrance reception lobby. PIR Controls – recessed passive infrared sensors – have been fitted for all offices and external lighting requirements. Occupancy sensors were chosen as part of the desire to help save costs and energy usage. For the extensive external areas, a number of Ovia IP65 LED Pathfinder Floodlights – 50W and 150W – have been installed. Where there was a requirement for emergency lighting on the project, a number of self-test options were selected. These were the 30W emergency LED self-test maintained box exit signs and the IP65 3W emergency LED maintained bulkheads.

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