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Martindale offers a professional solution to cable testing

MartindaleMartindale Electric announces the arrival of its new Professional CD1000 general purpose Cable Detector.

The CD100 is designed to quickly and accurately trace cables in walls and underground, locate fuses/breakers on Live or Dead Circuits and locate interruptions and open circuits in cables and electrical floor heating systems. It can also be used to trace metallic water and heating pipes.

Supplied as a kit, the advanced CD1000, which includes a transmitter and a receiver – which can also be used as a non-contact voltage indicator – negates the need for any additional electrical equipment when detecting cables.

The CD1000 allows the operator to change transmission coding, so up six different circuits to be tested, safely and accurately, at any one time. Results are then available visually and audibly. Code settings can be easily changed using an integral switch, making the CD1000 the perfect choice when using multiple transmitters.

Featuring an auto sensitivity setting, the CD1000 also allows for a manual sensitivity adjustment to meet any personal preferences.

Complete with an LED torch and a self test facility, the CD1000 ia supplied with a set of TL47 test leads with crocodile clips, earthing rod, 9V and 1.5 Alkaline batteries and a case with full instructions.

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