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Luceco lights The Khalsa Academy Wolverhampton

The Khalsa Academies Trust supports local communities to help establish and run Sikh Schools. The Khalsa Academy in Wolverhampton (TKAW) has just built a new secondary school, and Electrical Contractors, Air Cool Engineering Midlands, installed a host of LED energy efficient luminaires from Luceco.

The Catering Block was lit with Leren, offering both upward and downward light distribution providing an enhanced overall lit environment, particularly where there are high or open ceiling voids to illuminate. Suitable for many commercial applications such as boardrooms and offices, Leren provides a 60% down and 40% up light distribution. This suspended luminaire is supplied complete with adjustable wire suspensions and is available as DALI dimmable and emergency back-up variants.

LuxPanel was used for a variety of classroom applications, providing a cost effective and energy saving lighting solution. Glare control and adequate illuminance on the vertical combined with good uniformity needs to be considered when lighting schools, in particular, in rooms that are multi-functional.

The panels are quick and easy to install into exposed grid ceilings, with remote ‘plug and play’ drivers and are available in standard fixed output, dimmable and emergency options with no maintenance or re-lamping requirements over their lifetime. Circular LuxPanels were installed in corridors and toilets. Featuring slim framed panels, Circular LuxPanels offer excellent luminous uniformity and can be supplied as standard, with emergency packs or with dimmable remote drivers in 240, 180, 150 and 120mm sizes.

Other luminaires used throughout TKAW included Epsilon. Luceco has recently launched a new variant of the popular Epsilon luminaire, an LED direct / indirect UGR19 compliant recessed fitting designed to optimise lighting performance and maximise luminaire spacing. Epsilon enjoys an improved efficacy of 140 Llm/cW due to a new micro prism optic. The luminaire is available in standard, dimmable, emergency dimmable, emergency selftest, DALI emergency dimmable and LiteIP.

Epsilon offers up to 50,000 hours working life with no maintenance or re-lamping requirement and is the perfect replacement for traditional fluorescent lamped fittings in commercial and educational environments.

LuxBay LED luminaires were installed throughout multifunctional rooms and sports facilities at TKAW. Variants include 100, 150 and 200 watts, with either a wide or narrow clear lens, attachments including flat wired guards and polycarbonate clear diffusers. As with most luminaires from Luceco, LuxBay also offers 50,000 hours of service with options of integrated presence and daylight sensors for use with fixed output or DALI dimmable control gear as well as emergency variants.

The Khalsa Academy Wolverhampton welcomes learners from all backgrounds, and this principle ensure that their young people can make a positive contribution to multi-cultural Britain. The Trust also takes responsibility for financial and resource management that delivers efficiency and effectiveness. A new fit for purpose, environmentally friendly facility with cost effective, energy saving LED lighting from Luceco contributes to this overall ethos.

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