Luceco lights the Daily Mail Group break-out kitchens and tech bar 

Luceco in partnership with Powerbase Building Services has recently supplied The Daily Mail Group with cutting edge LED lighting for their Break Out Kitchens and Tech Bar located at their London Headquarters. Luceco’s Contour LED luminaire was artistically installed in amongst timber beams to provide sympathetic energy saving lighting which enhanced the architectural features of the interior design of the facilities, the body of the luminaire displayed in Matt Black. 


Contour from Luceco is a linear luminaire providing individual or continuous runs of illumination suitable for many commercial environments. The LED lighting system consists of connectable modules offered in 600 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm and 1800 mm lengths that can be surface mounted, suspended or recessed.  Seamless runs of energy saving cost effective LED lighting can be created with interconnecting power and module connectors.   


The Tech Bar required a more modernistic approach with Contour providing an architectural element to the design of the area with the body of the luminaire displayed in Graphite Grey. Manufactured as a premium aluminium extrusion with high quality polycarbonate opal diffuser, micro prism or asymmetric optic distribution options, Contour has a full range of illuminated interconnecting modules as well as an integrated driver with quick electrical connectors for ease of installation.  Interconnecting modules include corner connectors, T junction and cross pieces.  


To create an enhanced lit environment with the use of the area in mind, each installation required a different colour temperature output. The Tech Bar required a cool clean light at 4000K and the more relaxing space in the Break Out Kitchens, a warmer white at 3000K.  


Contour has a 5-year extended warranty available and offers over 100,000 hours operational life, with no maintenance over the lifetime of the luminaire, an important factor when considering applications such as commercial environments where 24 hours a day operation may be required.   












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