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Lancashire benefits from a distinctive urban lighting design from Thorn

Thorn Lighting’s CiviTEQ, FleXity and R2L2 road lanterns have been included in an extensive installation and replacement programme throughout the County of Lancashire on schemes that range from small residential cul-de-sacs to major dual carriageway traffic routes.

The project, undertaken by Lancashire County Council, has addressed the issue of high-energy costs by replacing the existing HID, SOX and SON Luminaires with Thorn’s highly efficient LED luminaires. This has resulted in reduced maintenance and has created a distinctive urban lighting design.

Lancashire County Council issued an Invitation to Tender (ITT), which was open to potential suppliers who had the required capacity to deliver a Contract of this size. The ITT was a very detailed document that covered all the specific requirements of the client. Failure to meet any of these needs was penalised in the evaluation using a points system that calculated the eventual winner.

Whilst Capital Cost is always important, the most important criteria is Whole Life Cost or Total Cost of Ownership. LCC did an evaluation of all the submissions from various manufacturers and calculated the most efficient and therefore cost effective bid over a 25-year period. Thorn Lighting Engineers were able to provide efficient solutions for the various lighting design scenarios, whilst meeting all of the stringent requirements for the project, including warranty, lead times and after sales support, becoming the sole supplier for the entire scheme.

In planning the regeneration of its roads, Lancashire County Council was keen to address several key criteria, namely appropriate lighting levels with increased energy-efficiency, reduced operating costs and reduced carbon emissions, with the ability to save energy further by Part Night Dimming of the light fittings. Thorn has achieved this through the deployment of low energy, low maintenance luminaires that utilise the very latest LED technology. The design requirements were also very specific and subject to established British & European Standards, which meant that the quality of light had to meet the required levels without exceeding them.

Thorn’s CiviTEQ is a cost-effective LED road lighting solution suitable for projects that require the best balance between cost of ownership and performance. The luminaire is fitted with an R-PEC® optic to bring safe and efficient light to residential streets and high traffic roads and, with 2 size options up to 17klm and 12 precise light distributions, CiviTEQ adapts to any installation layout.

The Thorn factory in County Durham has manufactured and delivered in excess of 49,000 lanterns for this contract, all on time and in accordance with the Customers’ requirements. A further 20,000+ are planned for the new financial year.

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