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Kosnic adds 200W HighBay to luminaire range

kosnicKosnic Lighting Ltd has extended its recently-launched range of HighBay and LowBay luminaires with the new 200W HighBay – a high performance, low maintenance and energy efficient replacement for HID or metal halide lamps in industrial, manufacturing, leisure and retail environments.

The new 200W HighBay luminaire has a high power output of 22,600lm and operates at a colour temperature of 6500K. It features the latest LED driver technology and Premium Samsung SMD LEDs to achieve ultra-high efficiency of over 93% and excellent colour consistency.

Kosnic has also upgraded its 100W and 150W LowBay and 150W HighBay units. These also use Samsung SMD LEDs, with all three products featuring upgraded pressed aluminium back plates to increase the plate’s residential strength and increase heat conductivity by 70% compared to previous die-cast aluminium versions.

The LED strips are protected by a polycarbonate extruded cover that acts as a diffuser and has high light transmittance of 90%. Additionally, they are all fitted with pre-anodised aluminium reflectors providing excellent light control with low glare.

Each unit incorporates a detachable PIR and daylight sensor, supplied by CP Electronics, to help reduce energy usage.

Each of the Kosnic LowBay and HighBay luminaires have a long operating life of 40,000- plus hours to provide a cost-effective and low maintenance solution.

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