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Is your electrical solutions supplier ready for future challenges?

With sustainability emerging as a driving force for changes in the electrical landscape, wholesalers will need to understand current and future trends to deliver futureproofed innovations. Pascal Stutz, CEO of Legrand UK and Ireland, discusses this issue and how the company is mobilised to support professionals.

In light of the UK Government’s looming net zero targets, construction professionals are faced with mounting pressure to decarbonise buildings and operations toward a sustainable future. As transitioning to renewable energy sources will be an intrinsic part of this process, such pressures are imparted to electrical infrastructure and those that operate in the sector.

For electrical wholesalers in particular, this means being able to provide customers with innovative solutions from sustainable suppliers that meet requirements of their customers projects both now, and in the years to come. For this reason, partnering electrical suppliers, like Legrand, must provide futureproofed products for wholesalers to stay ahead of the curve.

The digital age
Looking at the developing trends in our society, it’s clear that the role of electrical infrastructure is both growing and evolving across the built environment. As we enter an age of hybrid working, the duality of office and home workspaces demands flexibility in terms of the electrical applications available. 

Such conditions also emphasise the requirement for greater technological performance across the UK’s building stock. Data centres must manage increasing levels of usage and be underpinned by a reliable power supply, as businesses become increasingly reliant on electrical building services.

These developments, along with the growing focus on a low-carbon economy, leaves electrical infrastructure at a point where its solutions must be able to sustain greater dependency and changing requirements.

Energy efficiency
As carbon-intensive fuel and power systems are phased out, energy efficiency will be just as important as the renewable transition. With building standards and government incentives continuing to push this aspect, electrical products will need to be designed with efficiency in mind for the best interests of businesses.

Whether its distributing power or managing energy usage, all supplied solutions must include effective measures that reduce overall energy consumption and lower running costs of electric building services. This way, infrastructure can remain reliable and energy efficient across its lifespan.

Smart technology
The objective of efficiency doesn’t just relate to energy usage – convenience is another aspect that is inextricably linked. We increasingly rely on cutting-edge technology that will improve our lives around these parameters.

This is certainly the case for electrical solutions, as the demand for BMS systems continues to grow in line with the developing requirements of occupants. Wholesalers will need to be supplied with the latest smart technologies that deliver heightened connectivity and control of energy usage for sustainable solutions. 

Putting people first
Acknowledging these industry trends in unison leads to the overarching conclusion that buildings must be made fit for the needs of inhabitants both now and into the future. While it’s clear that efficiency and innovative technology are key elements to sustainable infrastructure, safety and wellbeing should not be overlooked as a fundamental part of improving lives.

It’s this perspective that sees Legrand set a precedence across the industry. Tying all these elements together is vital for transforming spaces in a way that ultimately enhances lives. We look to support the electrical industry with products that take into account the latest legislation challenges around safety, while ensuring electrical building services are long-lasting and efficient.

Putting people first shouldn’t just be a priority in regards to solutions, but rather part of the bigger picture. This means reflecting such an ethos within the company by looking after the wellbeing of our own people and ensuring self-development is available to all. Adopting this principle translates into an engaged and motivated team for those we partner with.

Wholesalers can therefore be assured that we are equally committed to providing electrical solutions that are fit for purpose from a safety, wellbeing and energy efficiency perspective. As a reliable supplier across all sectors in the UK for the past 50 years, we strive to deliver services and products that will help to achieve a sustainable future.

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Notes to editor

Legrand is the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures. In the UK, the business is organised into six business units; cable management, digital infrastructures, energy controls, Legrand Care, power distribution, and user interface.

A French industrial group, based out of the Limousin region, Legrand has a rich industrial heritage dating back to 1860, when it was a porcelain maker. It wasn’t until 1919, that the business diversified into electric switches, utilising porcelain and boxwood as the main material.

Legrand began manufacturing in the UK in 1980 and around 80 per cent of products sold in the UK are also manufactured here.

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