Improving product safety in an ever-changing world

Recent tragic events at Grenfell Tower have put product safety at the top of the news agenda. So wherever you are in the electrical product chain, you’ll want to attend Electrical Safety First’s 7th annual product safety conference, Improving Product Safety in an Ever-Changing World.

The event will be held on Thursday, 23rd November, at Church House, Deans Yard, Westminster, with the Minister for Consumers, Margot James, giving the keynote speech. Presentations and panels will cover issues ranging from changes to the legislative landscape, to what constitutes due diligence – particularly when standards don’t (as yet) exist.

The conference will also be reviewing safety and sustainability during the product life cycle, including recycling, re-manufacturing and traceability. An update on the Charity’s popular seminar on lithium batteries and risk mitigation is also on the agenda.

“Our commitment to consumer safety is best served by working with the industry, which is why we developed our annual product safety conference,” explains Martyn Allen, Technical Director at Electrical Safety First.

“The event has grown, year-on-year and attracts a wide range of delegates, from government departments to manufacturers, retailers, importers and test houses.”

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