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Essential COVID-19 ventilation guidance from Vent-Axia

Leading ventilation expert Vent-Axia has launched guidance on how ventilation can help in the fight against COVID-19. The British manufacturer has been involved in the national response against COVID-19 since March 2020 supplying critical ventilation to a number of COVID-19 wards and fields hospitals.

As part of its ‘COVID-19 Support Campaign’ Vent-Axia has also been sharing the latest guidance and valuable expert advice on the positive effect of ventilation in helping tackle Coronavirus, on improving indoor air quality and creating a healthy environment while working from home. This body of essential information has now been consolidated in a useful guide called ‘The Effect of Ventilation on COVID-19’ and a companion webpage, which gives practicaladvice on how indoor ventilation is important to reduce virus transmission.

Ventilation is proven to be a key weapon in reducing transmission of COVID-19 indoors as it’s riskier to be inside than outside because of a lack of airflow. Effective ventilation and increased airflow are therefore vital in diluting the virus indoors.

The Government has just launched a new public information campaign which highlights how ventilating indoor spaces can reduce the risk of coronavirus infection by over 70%. The campaign follows The World Health Organisation (WHO) recently acknowledging that ‘Ventilation represents a very important factor to prevent the virus from spreading indoors,” having updated its guidance to recognising the possibility of airborne transmission on 9 July. Public Health England’s guidance ‘COVID-19: epidemiology, virology and clinical features’ also recently acknowledged that airborne transmission can occur in ‘poorly ventilated’ spaces.

Jenny Smith, head of marketing at Vent-Axia, said: “Our new webpage and brochure provide the industry with an easy-to-use guide on ventilation, explaining why ventilation is more important than ever, and recommending the best solutions for each type of project.”

The Vent-Axia webpage collates valuable information on the importance of effective ventilation in reducing COVID-19 transmission rates indoors and details the independent guidance supporting this, with links to a number of governing bodies and the UK Government. There
is also information on a range of ventilation solutions, answers to FAQs, as well as links to useful videos on the vital role ventilation plays in mitigating the threat of the virus when indoors, and how to reduce the coronavirus risk during domestic work.

The guide also includes helpful diagrams that demonstrate the beneficial effects of ventilation when a high concentration of infectious airborne material is present.

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