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ESP’s GuardCam helps put criminal behind bars

Proven to work. An old halogen lamp just can’t compare with ESP’s GuardCam security floodlight.

An opportunist thief thought he’d got away with breaking into a family home and was oblivious to the security floodlight that started recording when he approached in broad daylight. He made off from the house in the family’s car after helping himself to personal belongings.

When a thief targeted a Midlands family home, he wasn’t counting on the presence and quality of ESP’s GuardCam security floodlight. When a police officer saw the SD card footage from the GuardCam camera, he was convinced by the clarity of the image, that the perpetrator would soon be identified. Shortly afterwards, the thief was identified, charged and is now in prison.

Neil Baldwin, Sales Director at ESP, said: “This just goes to show the difference a good quality security floodlight can make. If the GuardCam had not been in place, there would have been no evidence and the criminal would have got away with it.

“We know that there are a lot of cameras out there that are old, corroded and out of order and no longer fit for purpose. Yet, a replacement solution such as GuardCam can be installed in no more than 15 minutes. It’s a no brainer for installers who can sell this to their customers as a quick, easy and cost-effective intruder deterrent.”

ESP’s GuardCam provides a quick and easy protection solution for external areas around homes, offices, or industrial and agricultural units.

GuardCam LED is a complete, all-in-one, energy-efficient PIR LED floodlight, camera, speaker and DVR system. The system is straightforward to install – you simply connect to the mains power, fix to the wall, set the time and date and it’s ready to go.

GuardCam will detect an intruder, floodlight the area, initiate a high resolution video recording directly to an internal SD card and if selected, an audible warning can be delivered. Designed as a comprehensive, relatively low cost and easy to install protection solution for outside spaces, GuardCam comes in a handy kit format that is currently unrivalled on the market.

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