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Electrical Industries Charity launches new services to help the industry

EIC final awThe Electrical Industries Charity has launched the Employee & Family Support Programme and is calling on businesses to sign up to the free services which are on offer to their staff.

The Programme helps people within the electrical, electronics and energy industries cope with the many challenges which affect their lives. It offers independent advice and information through the Confidential Helpline on a wide variety of issues from family or relationship problems through to debt advice, ill health and disability.

Operations Manager, Jill Nadolski says: “We often find that people working in the industry are unaware that there is a charity they can turn to when they need support in challenging times. In fact if people are struggling with problems in their home life they are reluctant to discuss it at work but quite often they just need a friendly ear that will listen.

“We already have two major wholesalers signed up and are currently working with them to roll out the programme but our main aim is to reach out to as many businesses as possible to sign up to the Employee and Family Support Programme in 2015.”

In the last year the Charity has seen an increase in the number of calls to the Confidential Helpline and as a result the hours of operation have been extended to evenings and weekends so that people are able to call at a time which is convenient to them. The Charity has also extended the number of free services on offer via the Programme.

Jill says: “Our purpose is to look after people from the electrical, electronics and energy industries whenever they or their families need help with life’s challenges. By launching the Employee and Family Support Programme we are taking a step in the right direction but we need employers to show their commitment to their staff and sign up to this free of charge service so that we can continue to help those who are in need of help.”

The Employee & Family Support Programme’s Confidential Helpline number is: 0800 652 1618.


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