Domus Ventilation raises awareness of air pollution for Clean Air Day 2022

Domus Ventilation, manufacturer of market-leading ventilation systems that save energy and improve indoor air quality, is contributing to this year’s Clean Air Day (16th June) with public awareness raising activities, including a series of short animations and participation in a live Clean Air Day webinar held by BESA (Building Engineering Services Association).

Clean Air Day, led by Global Action Plan, is the UK’s largest air pollution campaign. It aims to improve public understanding of air pollution and how it affects our health, along with identifying the easy actions we can take to tackle air pollution.

There are simple steps we can all take to cut down on the pollution we cause and use our voices to fight for a cleaner air future. Domus Ventilation is supporting Clean Air Day through a series of short animations distributed across social media channels, available from These 15 second videos each focus on a different subject relating to air pollution, from steps to improve your health (including walking rather than driving short distances) through to indoor air pollution, its sources and actions you can take to improve indoor air quality.

In addition to these animations, a representative of the company’s Ventilation Climate Division, will be contributing to BESA’s special webinar on the 16th June: Clean Air Day – Building Ventilation on the Front Line. They will be sharing their expertise on indoor air quality and how mechanical ventilation systems can support longer term health and well-being by removing harmful pollutants generated by everyday activities.

Domus Ventilation general manager, Jessica Cook, comments on the importance of Clean Air Day in raising public awareness: “Indoor air quality is hugely important to me and I am passionate about getting the message out about the dangers of air pollution. As a ventilation manufacturer, we understand the importance of breathing quality air. It’s vital that we, as a nation, address sources of pollutants and reduce harmful emissions. At the same time, we need to ensure our homes are well ventilated to dissipate them. Ventilation is the silent hero but I feel it’s something that needs a bigger voice. Clean Air Day is a good focus for getting this message across, but we are committed to raising awareness of air pollution 365 day of the year”.

2022’s Clean Air Day theme is ‘air pollution dirties every organ in the body’. Air pollution is the biggest environmental threat to our health. It can harm every organ, can shorten our lives, and contribute towards chronic illness. When we breathe polluted air, it can inflame the lining of our lungs and move into our bloodstream ending up in the heart and brain, causing lung disease, heart disease, dementia and strokes.

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