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Digi-Line electric radiators – the smart choice for energy management

Energy management features on the Digi-Line range of electric radiators from Electrorad cement its position as a number one choice with installers.

Features that include unique independent double panel control, in-built energy monitoring (on the TouchE3 option), and virtual open window sensors, make Digi-Line the efficient and easy-tocontrol alternative to traditional central heating. It is also an ideal replacement for outdated storage heaters and panel heaters.

Unlike competitor’s single panel models, Digi-Line radiators are available with two heating panels, offering considerably more heat. The two heat panels can also operate separately to maximise energy efficiency and comfort. Both panels are constructed in zinc galvanised steel and powder coated to ensure a long lasting and robust finish, and they come with convection fins to ensure the perfect balance of radiant and convected heat.

All Digi-Line radiators incorporate virtual open window sensors that will automatically respond should a window be opened. The radiator will sense a draught and stop heating until the window has been closed, preventing heat wastage as well as saving energy and money.

Also key to its energy management capabilities is an energy monitor that is in-built into Digi-Line’s wi-fi hub (TouchE3) to enable wireless control and direct management of home heating from anywhere in the world.

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