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Dependable Heating from Vent-Axia

vent-axiaNew energy efficient electric heating has come of age.

Whilst many of the UK’s 3.9 million off-grid households have been benefitting from this highly efficient heating technology, those on the gas grid should now consider electrical warmth too. With gas security being brought into question, with gas reserves lower than usual at this time of year, the option of electric heating is coming into focus. Vent-Axia’s range of energy efficient electric heating includes: Opal Aluminium Radiators, towel rails and Bluethermal™ underfloor heating, as well as portable heaters.

For occasional use, such as during a cold snap or when only a single room needs to be warmed, Vent- Axia has a range of portable heaters. Vent-Axia’s convection heaters and fan heaters both offer multiple heat settings and thermostatic control for added comfort and are lightweight, making them easy to move around to where needed.

For more permanent heating, Vent-Axia’s Opal aluminium radiators feature a digitally controlled thermostat, are slim and stylish in design and offer households attractive, energy efficient, controllable comfort with the radiators featuring dynamic fluid with high thermal inertia. The Opal features 5 pre-set life style functions enabling an easy install. The fast programmable controls and an energy monitor also mean households can lower energy consumption and so reduce fuel bills.

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