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Customers Reap the Rewards of Carl Kammerling International’s Quantum

Instore display at CEF Bournemouth

Since signing up in July, customers have been enjoying the long-term benefits of signing up to the innovative Quantum Business Development Programme, working with CKI to grow their hand tools and storage business.

Designed to combine all aspects of business development in one unique scheme, Quantum continues provides four key elements to customers: New Products; Range Deals; Trade Price Promotion and a Customer Support Package – all offering fantastic opportunities for sales growth.

Two examples of how Quantum’s elements are producing new selling opportunities took place at major wholesaler, CEF, whose Bournemouth and Stourbridge stores have improved their displays to great effect.

In Bournemouth, the C.K backing boards, available from CKI, made such an impact that the branch extended their hand tool display from 2 metres to 6 metres, to help drive sales of high ticket, high volume and high margin products. The backing boards also helped to category manage all the different C.K sub ranges and create a display where items can be quickly identified and selected.

Stores Manager at CEF Bournemouth, Aaron Moss commented: “In the past C.K products were on sale, but were split across the fixture and in no particular order. But thanks to Melanie Gilliatt- Haigh from the CKI Sales team, who has been advising us, we have been able to tidy up everything and create really good stand out for C.K tools instore. In fact, we are probably selling 25% more C.K tools as a result of the backing boards – it’s perfect for us really.”

A similar success story took place at CEF Stourbridge, when Assistant Manager Luke Young went from selling very few tools to at his branch to not being able to keep the products on the shelf! Luke also decided to add extra impact in store by taking on a 1m C.K backing board display, which has been another important factor in driving impulse sales.

Will Sheridan, Territory Sales Representative for CKI commented: “Quantum has proved a real winner for CEF Stourbridge, by giving them the opportunity to extend their range with some exciting new products. This, in turn, has created lots of new interest and selling opportunities amongst their customers.”