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CP Electronics provide a flexible and versatile lighting control solution for Halesowen College

CP Electronics has supplied a variety of lighting controls for the continued refurbishment of Halesowen College, Whittingham Road Campus. The project, which has been ongoing since 2008, has seen a number of outdated 1960’s buildings replaced with a series of high specification facilities to meet the modern needs of an educational space, in an energy efficient and cost-effective way.

Commercial fit-out specialists Fuselek Limited chose to work with CP Electronics to deliver a lighting control solution that is tailored to the needs of the different rooms and to benefit its users. Having worked together to supply lighting controls for Blocks 1, 4, 5 plus the College Bistro, which had to be provided with specific lighting for different zones, Fuselek Limited understood that CP Electronics would be able to deliver a versatile solution through a combination of standalone PIRs, Vitesse Plus LCM, Vitesse Plus HW and the innovative RAPID fully addressable and networkable lighting control systems. A combination of these products allows the college to monitor luminaires, run diagnostics and test their emergency lighting with the use of a front-end software supplied also by CP Electronics.

RAPID scene setting was also used in the main building area, lecturing suite and Bistro/dining area so that appropriate lighting scenes could be created depending on how the space was being utilised. The Bistro is also used as a training restaurant that takes advantage of the students’ culinary skills so allowing the lighting to be dimmed or increased through an easyto-use scene setting control panel was imperative. The use of RAPID meets all the requirements of the College for a flexible and adaptable networked system in its multi-floor building block.

CP Electronics Vitesse Plus LCMs were chosen for the other buildings where rod suspensions were used to mount luminaires. The Vitesse Plus 7 LCM was perfect for these installations as it is designed for fast wiring and provides 4 M6 keyways to fix to channel nut fixings for rod suspensions. It also offers multi-channel switching, daylight linking, graduated dimming functionality and DALI dimming. Vitesse Plus 7 offers simple commissioning and total flexibility, with an innovative design that also helps the education sector meet emerging legislation and guidelines for classroom lighting control.

Other areas have standalone presence detectors. These areas needed a simple presence and absence detector for energy saving.

CP Electronics was able to provide controls that enhance the new facility, creating a flexible and adaptable 21st century learning environment, whilst delivering the required low maintenance, energy efficient solution.

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