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Audio only door entry in high demand

While a major talking point for the security industry for 2018 is how the latest advances in technology will bring more automation and smart solutions to this area, security products supplier, ESP, has identified an opportunity for wholesalers at the entry level sector of the access control market.

ESP has seen sales of its door entry products rise significantly during the past 12 months and has identified a growing demand from contractors and installers for audio only entry products, which are being specified to provide an ideal solution for those projects which are cost-sensitive.

ESP is keen to encourage installers not to view access control as the domain of a security specialist. They will already possess the necessary skill set required for a quality installation. With access control accounting for around 20% of the overall security sector (estimated to be in the region of £2bn), this represents a significant slice not to be ignored.

Wholesalers can help get this message across and at the same time be seen to add value for their customers by offering advice on this trend and on the products available to provide solutions, thus saving their customers the time and effort required to research these opportunities, which could be eating into delivery times and taking personnel away from the job on site.

Cost effective

At a time when budgets are being tightly scrutinised, it is proving a cost effective solution to opt for a good quality audio only system at the beginning of a project, with the option to upgrade to a video monitor at a later date and at the discretion of the individual tenants.

Having originally introduced an Audio Only Door Entry Handset in white to its Aperta Access Control range last year, ESP has responded to growing demand from customers with the launch of a second model in a black gloss finish to join the original white version, to offer customers more choice and options when considering the right products for a particular project. The audio only handset is compatible with the existing Aperta Multiway Door Station and will provide another option to fulfil the growing demand in the market – particularly where cost is an issue.

The Aperta Video Door Entry system from ESP is a simple to install, user friendly, contemporary system that is packed with features & benefits. The Aperta Multiway Video System for apartments offers all this in a compact, weatherproof door station which supports up to 32 apartments and provides door access code facility.

ESP had previously offered two options of internal video monitor to suit multiway applications – a definitive 7-inch monitor to suit main requirements with video and 2-way audio functions, and also an enhanced monitor with built-in record facility to capture missed callers and visitors and thus offer added reassurance.

The addition of the Audio Only Handsets means that installers now have another option that will meet the expanding market requirements and applications. The audio only handsets are compatible with the Aperta Video Door Entry range, and feature clear 2-way audio, magnetic holster and they are available in a black or white gloss finish.

Audio-only handsets

For cost-sensitive projects, systems can be specified as audio only, by selecting the audio-only handsets. This provides a high quality system at an excellent price point. Individual tenants will then have the option to upgrade to a video monitor if they require. This versatility of the system offers a great opportunity for installers to upsell the benefits of a video monitor for those who require more functionality.

For mid-level projects where monitors have been installed for each apartment, the audio only handset offers a cost-effective way for the tenant to have additional call receiver points without the need to opt for a more expensive video monitor.

The Aperta system supports up to 32 apartments, which in turn can support a mixture of up to 4 call receiver points per apartment, which equates to the potential for 128 call receiving points – all audio only – on one system.

Now available in a black or white gloss finish, the Aperta Audio Only Handset works on a non-polarity, 2-wire bus system and allows for simple and time-effective installation and offers versatility – supporting any configuration of audio only handset and video monitor. 2-way audio allows for clear audio identification of the visitor, while the features of the handset include ring tone selection, doorbell option, intercom call, lock release function and volume adjustment.

ESP has been responsible for the manufacture and supply of a whole range of security products, including access control, CCTV, fire protection, emergency lighting and external surveillance systems for more than 20 years. Key to the company’s continuing success is its willingness to listen to, and act on, the demands from the market at all levels of the business, which means keeping an eye on those existing, entry levels products which continue to drive sales, whilst at the same time researching and developing new and innovative products that will satisfy the growing demand for smart solutions.


Recognising the increasingly time-pressured working environment, the company offers free, in-house training programmes, aimed at those wholesalers and contractors who would like to add security equipment to their product portfolio but feel they do not have the core knowledge to do this with confidence. The Security Training programme provides an overview of all the ESP product categories, CCTV, Access Control, External Security, Fire Protection and Emergency Lighting, with full features and benefits covered. The aim is to simplify the installation process, demonstrating ease of set up and programming. Technical support is also covered.

ESP is now able to take this valuable education and training resource to where it is convenient for our customers, with the newly revamped mobile showroom. The ESP branded 5-tonne unit transforms into a spacious showroom and training facility, fitted out with the very latest products which are mounted on display panels. With room for a hospitality table and concealed storage for presentation materials and samples, the air conditioned, fully glazed unit provides an ideal space in which to provide product training sessions for up to 12 customers, as well as to host seminars and presentations.