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AFDDs launch completes the Elucian

Among the significant changes included in the Amendment 2 to BS 7671:2018 (18th edition of the IET Wiring Regulations) is a new requirement for Arc Fault Detection Devices (AFDDs) in AC final circuits supplying socket-outlets in some types of higher risk residential buildings.

MRegulation 421.1.7 now requires that AFDDs conforming to BS EN 62606 shall be provided for single phase AC final circuits supplying socketoutlets with rated current not exceeding 32 A in the following:
• Higher Risk Residential Buildings (HRRB)
• Houses of multiple occupancy (HMO)
• Purpose-built student accommodation
• Care homes
HRRBs are assumed to be residential buildings over 18 m in height or in excess of six storeys, whichever is met first.

For all other premises, the use of AFDDs conforming to BS EN 62606 is recommended for single phase AC final circuits supplying socket outlets not exceeding 32 A. Where used, AFDDs shall be placed at the origin of the circuit to be protected.

Amendment 2 was published on 28 March 2022 and comes into full force on 28 September 2022. Scolmore is pleased to announce that it has added a comprehensive range of AFDDs to its Elucian by Click consumer unit and protective devices collection.

The new range comprises Type A 1 Pole + Neutral True 6 kA B Curve & C Curve 30 mA Trip AFDDs with integral RCBOs, which are available in 6 A, 10 A, 16 A, 20 A, 32 A & 40 A, complete with 450 mm neutral out tails.

Key features and benefits of the Elucian AFDDs with integral RCBOs are as follows:
Arc fault detection – providing a form of protection that pre-existing devices that are mandatory as part of the 18th edition wiring regulations cannot provide.
Fault reporting – reports 5 different types of fault conditions. Each fault condition has its own unique LED flashing sequence pattern that signifies the reason why the AFDD has tripped.
Self-Test – inbuilt self-test function to ensure the device is fully operational. Green LED Indication – for a clear, visual representation of the flashing sequence to determine fault condition.
BS EN 62606 & BS EN 61009-1 Compliant – to cover the general rules and requirements for Arc Fault Detection Devices & Residual current operated circuit-breakers with integral overcurrent protection.
Range Available – 6 A, 10 A, 16 A, 20 A, 32 A & 40 A to completely harmonise with the existing range of Elucian RCBOs.
B & C Trip Curves Available – to cover both short circuit trip times.
18 mm Single Width Size – to harmonise with the existing range of Elucian RCBOs and circuit-breakers, only taking up a single din rail space to fit seamlessly into the Elucian range or any existing Elucian installation.
Neutral Out Tails – 450 mm length supplied as standard.

Full details of the Elucian by Click consumer units range can be viewed on the
Scolmore website:
The Elucian brochure can be downloaded here:

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